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Why Choose Acordes Solutions?


Our clients find a real solution that adjusts to their financial, accounting and tax realities. They come to our offices with a big problem then they depart with the conviction that they are not alone, they can do it with us, like an accounting partner!


By acting with honesty in every single step of the way, that permits to our clients take wise and intelligent decisions to continue growing in their business or inside their immigration aspirations.


Through our experience in accounting, business, and immigration in South America, USA and Europe, we can help them to meet their business expectations and immigration goals.


Beyond of our knowledge of other cultures we can help our clients to recover their self-confidence as business owners, immigrants and humans being.


We speak their native languages: English & Spanish

Acordes Solutions Corp.

2530 Michigan Avenue Suite F

Kissimmee FL-34744

Phone: (407) 483-5504


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